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Our coaching clients make 8X more than the industry median. Our game changing programs are custom built for your success!

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Do you need a predictable business plan for success? Get sales confidence, business strategies, and scripting for success.

Looking to increase your productivity? Learn effective time management, organizational, and operational excellence.

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We won’t ask you to do burpees, but we will offer you high-performance training and assistance as you seek to improve your trust and grow your business. When you choose any one of our three coaching tracks below, you’ll immediately gain support through membership to our exclusive online community, direct access to all of our premier selling tools, and VIP pricing on select High Trust events.


Producers earn up to $255,000 or more a year after High Trust coaching.

Designed for the established Loan Originator to elevate productivity and breakthrough business building plateaus through strategic practices and disciplines with measurable results. The Producer Level Coaching Program includes Private Business Vision and Planning Call, Opportunity Assessment and Gap Analysis, DISC Profile and Key Motivators Analysis, Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Calls (12 Months), and Performance Dashboard Tracking System to ensure measurable real time results. As a Member of High Trust Coaching, you will also receive VIP pricing to attend both our Sales Mastery and High Trust Sales Academy Events.

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Masters earn up to $489,000 or more after a year of High Trust coaching.

Designed for the accomplished Loan Originator, Branch Manager, or Team Leader to effectively expand market share and master high impact strategies in building a long-term, sustainable and scalable business. Master Level Program integrates strategic team development and leadership strengths coaching to optimize opportunity, conversion, and execution for high impact results and freedom. This level includes all of the features of the Producer Level Program. It also up levels to Master Level Coach Alignment to support the development and implementation of high performing best practices. Exclusive to the Master Level Member, CEO, and Founder, Todd Duncan delivers Quarterly Master Class Teachings designed to convey insight, competitive strategies and mindset discussions integral in achieving new heights of personal and professional success.

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Elites earn up to $700,000 or more a year after High Trust coaching.

This coaching track is exclusively for top performers and leaders. Elite members receive all the benefits of the Producer and Master Tracks, along with personal coaching from Todd Duncan and members of his Certified Coaching Team, as well as entry to 4 live events per year. This exclusive 1-year membership is limited to 24 qualified applicants who have met minimum income and performance standards.

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I have bought 31 rental properties in the last 24-months, live off 25% of my income, have no debts other than my mortgage, plus take 20-weeks of vacation per year, thanks to you. Wally Elibiary
Using Todd Duncan’s High Trust System, we have developed our LO’s to produce an average of 209 fundings per year, each! Brian Bomar
I have made $332,000 this year through June and $1.7M in the last 30 months. Christy Solar
You have shown me how to unlock the keys to success. I have gone from 100 to over 400 fundings a year in 4 years without increasing my hours. You have impacted my family for generations. Cody Hardridge

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