High Trust Sales Academy

December 5-8

Get the tools and clear steps to grow your business, make more money, and enjoy a more balanced and rewarding life.

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With the High Trust Selling System, I closed 22MM my first year, 38MM my second year, 65MM my third year and 90MM my fourth year. I now manage and still have time to close 50MM a year! R.J. Crosby
Incredible ‘light bulb experience.’ I can see a clear picture of my future, I’m ready to produce some big results I have the ‘drinking out of a fire hose’ feeling with so much to implement to get me to where I want to be. I am so stoked to learn these systems, my fire is burning inside. I can’t wait to get to the future where I see my business in 6 months. Thanks Todd so much for the inspiration and the clear road map from here to there.
You all helped me get my business back in order. I always say that you must invest in yourself constantly to stay on top of your field. I promise you will come away with great ideas to increase your loan volume as well as streamline your business. Tom Holyfield
"I have 66 loans in my pipeline, apparently High Trust Sales Academy works. Thank you for your vision to make a difference. Todd when I say I love you man, it means that I see more in me than I realized was there. I remember when all I wanted to make was $100,000.00 per year. I am certain that $100,000.00 per month is in my sights, and that will change a lot of people’s lives."


High Trust Sales Academy

December 5-8 2017 December '17
Las Vegas, NV

Join us in the desert as we explore the cornerstone of what we’re about here at High Trust. Our objective is simple: to equip you with powerful tools, experience-based insight, and clear steps to grow your business, make more money, and enjoy a more balanced and rewarding life.

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High Trust Master Class

January 17-19, 2018 Jan '18
Newport Beach, CA

Ready to cut straight to the big leagues? This is our most comprehensive curriculum designed to reach ambitious sales leaders and teams looking to master their daily
productivity, perfect their sales strategies and presentations, and maximize their marketing.

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Achieving Leadership Excellence

JULY 8-13, 2018 Jul 08
Kapalua, Hawaii

Pack your sombrero for six days of revival that every leader needs. You’ll have dedicated time to appraise your leadership strategies, gain a fresh perspective from world-class keynote speakers, and exchange ideas — all while catching a decent tan.

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Sales Mastery

October 10-13th, 2018 Oct 10
San Diego, California

Looking for a real-life refresh button? Become one of 50,000+ loan officers and real estate agents who’ve experienced breakthroughs in their businesses by joining us this fall for our 25th Sales Mastery event. If it isn’t worth it, we’ll pay you back.

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