Are You ELITE?

Our ELITE coaching students earn 13x more than the industry average

ELITE Coaching is limited to ONLY 24 people per year. To qualify, the applicant must meet an income and unit/dollar funded per year minimum.  In addition, all applications are vetted through our ELITE Board of Directors, who will ultimately select the group for the year. Applications are reviewed for acceptance on a first in basis.  


Only 24 Spots Available

Membership is limited to 24 qualified and vetted applicants. If you are selected, you will join the most exclusive coaching experience surrounded by the truly ELITE in the industry.

1 Year Membership

Membership has its privileges. Each month you will be mentored by Todd Duncan through interactive audio and video sessions. You will have your own ELITE Coach who will personally coach you throughout the year to help you get the highest life and business ROI possible.


Personal Board of Advisors

If your application is accepted, you will have a Personal Board of Advisors and will have access to every fellow member to brainstorm ideas, seek guidance around important decisions as well as learn their best practices.  


Exclusive ELITE Mastermind Retreats

Twice a year, we will gather at an Exclusive 5-Star Resort for 2-days of focused brainstorming, learning and celebrating. From snow packed mountains and skiing and snowboarding to coastal enclaves with quite beaches and wonderful moments of golf, tennis and other activities, each ELITE Retreat is designed to help us experience life to the fullest.


Master Class ELITE Event

You will receive one complimentary ticket to our annual Master Class ELITE event and have the option to purchase 1 additional ticket at 50% off for a team member. Master Class ELITE is designed around an incredible assessment and deep diagnostic that will help you answer the question of how to scale your business without increasing your time commitment.


High Trust Events

You will receive one complimentary ticket to our annual Sales Mastery Event which is the gold standard training event for the mortgage industry. In addition you will receive 2 tickets to our incredible High Trust Sales Academy event which is designed as an intense 3 1/2 day boot camp of role play, scripting and tactical business planning.


16 Private Coaching Sessions 

You will be paired up with one of our ELITE coaches who will connect with you each month to personally help you work through your challenges and offer unique insight from their deep knowledge and experience of being in the very top 1% of the industry. Then each quarter you will have a group coaching session with Todd Duncan to help sharpen and 10x your production while maintaining life balance.

8 High-Performance Webinars

Our ELITE Coaches rotate this feature and handcraft personal presentations that are market relevant for the times we are in. Through the teaching and interaction, the power of 24 dialed in minds lift the ideas into application and implementation. 


Shared Documents Folder

As the ELITE group rolls through the year, they will have access to the Private Document Vault in Dropbox. It is this location that hundreds of documents are loaded from all 24 members that represent everything from comp plans, job descriptions, team and workflows, scripts, letters, videos, etc. The vault value has been estimated by previous ELITE groups as well over $1,000,000 in income.




The invitation to join ELITE in 2015 almost resulted in the biggest mistake of my career. Although I was absolutely flattered by the acknowledgment and invitation, I had already made up my mind to decline the offer. I thought I already knew enough about our industry to make a monthly call and a few extra meetings per year relatively insignificant. I also remember that the commitment of time and to travel factored heavily as well. Fortunately, I did bounce the idea off of my mentor before announcing my decision and as he has told me before, “If it is worth anything, it is worth that. You can’t afford not to.” Thankfully I followed his advice and my personal income doubled within 24 months. Given there are pretty high standard required for entry, this was HUGE!!! Join us if you get the chance! Like my mentor told me, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!!!

Todd Duncan | Your ELITE Leader

Todd Duncan has spent his life helping Mortgage Professionals play at level 10 and succeed in unimaginable ways. He has personally trained over 1,000,000 originators. He has interview 1,145 of the highest performing LOs over 26 years and continues to synthesize those findings into the High Trust learning platform creating a path for all who desire greatness, a step by step way to get there.

Each ELITE Group represents $19,200,000 in annual income – the best of the best – committed to becoming even better.

Your ELITE Coaches

Cody Hardridge

Cody Hardridge is a top producing loan originator with Cornerstone Home Lending. Since attending Sales Mastery for the first time in 2011, Cody has methodically built one of the top purchase money businesses in his market. The key to his success has been the consistent, systematic implementation of the methodology taught at Sales Mastery and Sales Mastery Bootcamp. Since 2013, Cody has been recognized by The Scotsman’s Guide as one of the Top Originators in The United States.

Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant has been working in the mortgage industry for 13 years and has been ranked amongst the top 50 Mortgage Consultants in America each year since 2013. During his 13 years in the industry, Ryan has owned his own mortgage company, he was Director of Retail Sales for a Mortgage Bank, he has been a Branch Manager and a Sales Manager as well as a Mortgage Consultant. His experience in these different positions has given him an invaluable insight into the real estate and mortgage industry and taught him how to provide the best possible service to his clients. 

Marty Preston

Marty Preston, Branch Manager of Benchmark Mortgage, understands the commitment it takes to be successful. He and his wife Ragan have been married for 20 years and have four amazing children. In addition to leading personal production teams which produce $80M per year, he manages over 30 team members across 4 offices, and coaches several other managers and mortgage planners nationwide. The average production for Planners in Marty’s office is 11.5 units per month which is also the exact average of the number of years they have been together.


“In 2014, I funded $110 Million in volume and thought that I had this business figured out. When I was invited to join the Inaugural Elite group in 2015, I didn’t think it was necessary to spend the time or money since I was already doing well. However, the one thing that I realized was that I wasn’t really being pushed to be better and I was starting to plateau. Some of the best books I have read from the best business minds in the world (Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Etc), all said that the best thing you can do for your business is to invest in yourself and have a mentor/coach. I had never heard of coaching in the mortgage business and had never invested in myself up to this point. So I thought it would be a good idea to see what it was all about and I was sure I would learn some things….. Fast forward to four years later and I can unequivocally say that our business would be nowhere near where it is today, I wouldn’t be half of the leader or business person that I am today and I wouldn’t be nearly as good of a husband, father, son or friend to the important people in my life. You learn so much more than just how to be better at doing loans that it’s hard to put into words. The content is invaluable and the relationships made with other top performers in the business is unmatched. If you want to do something for your team, your family and your business, then join Elite… for yourself! 


With 24 spots available and returning members enrolling, space is extremely limited. Get your application started today:


Becoming a Top Producing Originator is no easy feat. It’s easy to find yourself alone on an island with no one to challenge your thinking. Being a member of Elite gives me the opportunity to be amongst those who can challenge me to become a better version of myself. It allows me to hold counsel with those who understand what it means to reach higher and higher levels of excellence. I believe we are the average of those we surround ourselves with. Being a member of this group gives me what I need to raise the bar in my business and life! By being in this group, I have been able to achieve my goal of helping 400 families a year. Powerful! 

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