The High Trust Sales Academy equips mortgage professionals with a successful approach to a values-based business model that focuses on long-term relationships and provides predictable results.

Anyone who wants to be their absolute best and has a deep desire to make an impact in their client’s life should be in attendance. Everyone needs a plan, and the High Trust Sales Academy will give you the step-by-step process.

We guarantee you’ll leave with powerful tools and new skills to grow your business and enjoy a more rewarding life or your money back!

HTSA Case Study:

"I have gone from 16 fundings a year to over 200 fundings a year in under 48-months"

- Dominic Dangora HTSA Grad 2014 & 2015
The High Sales Academy was the single best investment I have ever made in my professional career. It gave me the core skills to build a meaningful client for life business that went from respectable to world class. $2.5 billion of originations later I still grow and improve from this association every month. When I think of the most significant positive influences in life, engaging Todd Duncan to be my mentor has to be amongst the top of my list. Calum Ross
After attending the High Trust Sales Academy, I realized my life was completely out of balance. Working 80 plus hours per work took a massive toll on my wife and kids. So I made drastic changes. I started working 40-50 hours a week. I stopped working Saturdays. I started spending the time I cut out of the business with my wife and kids, and my relationship with them has never been better. At the same time, my personal production went up 40%! It’s amazing to see my work week cut in half and productivity soaring at the same time. Words can’t adequately communicate the heartfelt gratitude I have for Todd’s lessons on approaching life and business. You’ve changed me forever. Robb Treat
Sales Academy May 18-21, 2020


• Dream Casting: Getting Clear on Your Future You • Building Your Life Plan and Making It Work • Success Strategies for Overcoming Failure and Fear • The Science of Business Planning and Conversion • Managing Your Sales Funnel • The Top Time Efficiencies to Double and Triple Production



• How to Clean Up Your Inefficiencies • The Top Habits for a Profitable Mortgage Practice • The Art of Delegation - Mastering Personal Productivity • Time Blocking - The Top 5 Keys to Implementing Your Time Plan • Preparing for the Sale – How to Achieve Relationship Mastery • High-Performance Appointment Setting and Conversion • Laying the High Trust Interview Foundation


• Key Skills for Converting Referral Partner Prospects to Clients • Key Skills for Converting Borrowers to Applications and Closings • Intensive Skills Role Play – Appointment Setting and Interviews • Presenting Solutions Workshop | Managing Objections Workshop - Closing the Sale


• Success Strategies for Creating the Perfect Borrower Experience • Building Annuity Cash Flow from Repeat and Referral Business • Long-term Success Roadmaps • Architecting Your 90-Day Implementation Plan • Accountability Roll-Outs and Agreements
"I have 66 loans in my pipeline, apparently High Trust Sales Academy works. Thank you for your vision to make a difference. Todd when I say I love you man, it means that I see more in me than I realized was there. I remember when all I wanted to make was $100,000.00 per year. I am certain that $100,000.00 per month is in my sights, and that will change a lot of people’s lives."  
"High Trust Sales Academy was a turning point in my origination career. The intense, step by step guidance during this week taught by Todd and his team allowed me to lay out a clear, detailed growth plan. This growth plan propelled us to a strong origination purchase business and has sustained us to continue to increase production by units and dollars even in a trying market. The time that I and my assistants spent has paid for itself over and over again and I would highly recommend it to any originator that really wants to have sustainable growth of their business.”  
“Incredible ‘light bulb experience.’ I can see a clear picture of my future, I’m ready to produce some big results. I have the ‘drinking out of a fire hose’ feeling with so much to implement to get me to where I want to be. I am so stoked to learn these systems, my fire is burning inside. I can’t wait to get to the future where I see my business in 6 months. Thanks Todd so much for the inspiration and the clear road map from here to there.”  


$2495 / Person
Advanced Registration Pricing! If you are a High Trust Sales Academy Alumni, a High Trust Coaching member, or are interested in Corporate Pricing, please call (866) 245-2208

The Venue

Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park
5805 Granite Parkway, Plano, TX, 75024


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