Do You Have the Heart of a Coach?

If you’re a successful Loan Officer, Branch Manager, or Leader we welcome the opportunity to meet you. High Trust Coaching is the Premier Coaching Company that delivers the highest and best approach to inspire our clients in creating long-term, sustainable, and scale-able business success.

Our High Trust Coaching Team sees coaching as a two-way interchange of ideas and learnings. With a mindset of broad vision, we focus on important details on how to succeed using the High Trust Sales approach and disciplines.

The benefits of becoming a High Trust Coach are both personal and professional. Be prepared for surprises in the way your whole life will change as you integrate coaching into your life.  On a professional level, coaching provides the platform for meaningful service, which is the basis for personal, professional and financial success.

Do you have what it takes to be a High Trust Coach? Take a moment to answer the questions below and read what Eric Union, High Trust Coach, has to say about the impact on his personal and professional life from working as a High Trust Coach!  

Perspective from a High Trust Coach...  

"It is a honor and a privilege to serve as a High Trust Coach. Todd Duncan has been my go to mentor, resource and friend since 1999, his wisdom and strategies have helped me thrive in this industry. Being a High Trust Coach allows me to pass on these gifts to others who are passionate about growth, both personally and professionally. I care deeply about each of the people I coach, to work through the struggles together and capitalize on the opportunities has been very rewarding; knowing deep down their lives are being enriched with sustaining discernment.

 Sharing I am a High Trust Coach with new and existing strategic partners in my business has added credibility, it sets me apart. It's interesting how often in a day there are key moments or actions that use to pass me by but now I capture them and get victories because, having just coached another about it, it's on my radar with greater importance. 

The camaraderie with the other Coaches has been terrific as we share success stories of impacting student lives, and learn from each other's experiences. I feel blessed and called to serve in this capacity, I encourage you to give this serious consideration if you are invited to become a member of our coaching community!"

-- Eric Union, High Trust Coach

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Can you answer 'Yes' to these questions:


  • Have you attended High Trust Sales Academy (aka 'Bootcamp')?
  • Have you been successful implementing the High Trust Selling methodology, taught at the Academy?
  • Are you a successful Loan Officer, producing Branch Manager, or Leader in your organization?
  • Do you enjoy helping others become successful?
  • Are you good at identifying areas of improvement for a client?
  • Are you an active listener, and listen with the intent to understand? 
  • Are you effective at helping clients stay accountable to their goals?